Friday, August 21, 2009


last night was our first kansas party (and the first time i've been out of the house for most of the week) one of the professors at k state has the ga's and other professors over to their house for some mingling. josh got to meet several of his professors and i met a lot of the other students he's working with. after that we went over to someone's house and played games and sat around talking. it was great! it was nice to finally met some people here!

i was really excited to go, so i kept changing my clothes and asking josh what looked best ect. and then right before we left i was like, "wait! we need to take some pictures!!" to which josh said "angie, it's not like we're going to prom".
so fine, maybe i was a little over excited for a night of standing around and talking, but i'm getting seriously bored here!
now i will leave you with the one picture we took before leaving for the prom. i mean party.

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  1. Hey I'm so glad you finally got out to meet some people!! I hope you will find some good friends among those you met. Are they in a similar to K State and looking for friendship? Loved the prom picture! Love you guys more!