Sunday, August 23, 2009

church visit #1

today i'm beginning the chronicle of josh and i looking for a church home. we started at:
the well
live learn love

the well meets in the historic wareham theater in beautiful downtown manhattan. it's a fairly new church that only started in february but there were approx 150 people there today, the vast majority being college-age students. they had coffee and donuts before and after service, a prayer wall, and joy boxes (woo hoo!). there seems to be a focus on service (which we love) and they have several different small groups which i'm definitely considering joining.

we loved the informal atmosphere and the worship band was great. very tight. plus they had a violinist and lots of good harmony, two things which i think no band should be without! the sermon was about comsuming love and started a new 3 week series. we probably won't hear the rest because we have a (small) list of church's we'd like to visit over the next few weeks, but i think we both left feeling like it was a good fit. they didn't make assumptions about everyone in the congregation and didn't seem to be pushing us to be "cookie cutter christians" (as i like to call them) i was very encouraged. plus i got to write a love letter to god, which will be sent back to me in the mail later. that was interesting. in a good way.

i'm not sure exactly what we're looking for in a church, but i think we'll know it when we find it.

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