Thursday, August 20, 2009

the dusty bookshelf finds a home

it's gorgeous today! 77 and the windows are all open. my allergies haven't been a problem at all (yet) which is a huge blessing.
so, the dusty bookshelf is a local used book store in aggieville with lots of character and i envision myself spending many hours there. tons of bookshelves, books stacked on the floor and in any open space, as well as unique cards and comfy reading chairs. here's a little sample:
can you find the cat?

so since we don't have our book shelves yet we have taken a cue from our new favorite book store and created our own stacks of books. i think it works. for now at least.

can you find the cat?
here's another shot of our living room:
i'll keep adding more pictures of our apartment little by little. you can already tell we're all unpacked, but not totally settled it yet. i've still got stacks of picture frames and other things to be hung on the walls just sitting and waiting! the only things we have hung up so far are the four paintings here and the smaller paintings in the bathroom. it feels more like home every day. (and arie loves it here!)


  1. hey! where did my bed go??

    (it looks great, by the way!)

  2. comment is lost again! How come these techno things are so challenging!

    By the way I was wondering if you guys were coming to do laundry this weekend....or if you are too busy....because that is working quite well for me right now!