About Me

Hello! I'm Angelina (or just Angie) a free spirited 30-something, recently transplanted from the Mid-West to southern California. I'm a big time crafter and DIY'er, always on the hunt for a new project, or new adventure to share with my hubby (Josh).

All the important websites say that your "about page" should have a "purpose" and a "target audience" and blblbblblahahah. I don't know, I'm not fancy and I'm definitely not a professional. I just like keeping in touch with my friends and family (who are all over the country), being inspired by others (who are all over the internet), and documenting my life and creations along the way.

Our biggest fur baby, Sven.

Our original fur baby, Aria

Which is why I started blogging a long, long time ago when Josh and I began our first big adventure and moved from Michigan to Kansas as he began Grad school. Life was great, wild, and completely documented on this blog.
And then we went crazy.
I mean not actually crazy, but we did move across the country to Las Vegas (which may as well have been the Moon, at the time) and became Family Teachers with Boys Town. What an incredible journey! Family Teaching consumed my life in all the best (and sometimes worst) possible ways. With all the confidentiality constraints on photos and info (plus caring full-time for 6 "at-risk teens) my blogging days disappeared. (Although I did capture a couple stories along the way.)

Fast-forward a few years later and here we are! Adjusting to a new lifestyle on the East Coast. Add to that our desire to begin our own family, which has not been very successful so far, and you're all caught up.

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