Sunday, July 9, 2017

weekend coping

Who would have thought the weekends would become so long and stressful? It's hard to get answers and get things done after business hours so Josh and I end up sitting around, twiddling our thumbs, waiting for the week to start again. So in order to counteract my mind-at-rest going completely crazy, here's a list of the coping strategies I've used this weekend:

  • sitting on the porch and puppy cuddles
  • reading (although I always find it harder to focus when I'm stressed)
  • lots of kitty cuddles
  • making dinner with my love (one of our favorites: carne asada with homemade guacamole)
  • listening to music
  • .....which also means singing
  • watching movies (one of my favorites is "Something's Gotta Give" but I only watch it every year or two, when I'm really desperate for a good laugh)
  • fidget spinner (sent to me from some dear friends)
  • puzzles (until the cat gets jealous...)
  • cheering on my nephew Ryan from afar, while he competes (and wins!) for a spot at the National Jr. Olympics in track (so proud of him!)
  • coloring
  • painting my nails
  • messing up my nails and painting them again
  • making lists

Not pictured: the disastrous state of my home which I have no motivation to clean. 

So here's to a productive and problem-solving week!

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