Thursday, July 13, 2017

how to pack like a pro

I was reflecting this week about how much I've moved, which has been every two years (although often more frequently) for the last 15 years. Four of those moves were long-distance. And of course that doesn't factor in the major moves as a kid with my parents. Needless to say, I've become some what of a packing expert (just don't confuse "expertise" with "enjoyment"). Therefore, I only think it's fair to share my packing tips.

STEP ONE: Pick out a great movie to watch while you work. Even better- a movie series or TV show. Nothing will help you lose track of time and forget how long you've just been sitting around in a room full of boxes like a good movie! This week I'm going with Jane Austen. I've already made it through Persuasion, Pride and Prejudice, Emma, and two versions of Sense and Sensibility. So it probably goes without saying that I've been crying a lot, which brings me to my next point:

STEP TWO: Get the kleenax out. Chances are you're going to be stirring up a lot of dust (if you have two shedding animals like I do) and/or crying the whole time. Either way, you need a good supply of tissues near by. Just remember that even though it may seem like a good killing-two-birds-with-one-stone kind of idea at the time, used tissues do not make good packing materials.

STEP THREE: Think positive! Just keep telling yourself this is the last time you're going to move. (Although you've told yourself this so many times now it's hard to take yourself seriously, so make sure you keep all your empty boxes when you unpack).

STEP FOUR: Start with books. They're the easiest and least likely to be needed before your move date.

STEP FIVE: Clear a space in an out-of-the-way corner so you can start putting your packed boxes there.

STEP SIX: Repack your first box of books after realizing that the box was way too big and therefore way too heavy.

STEP SEVEN: Grab some Ben & Jerry's or a good beer. You deserve it after a hard day of work! After all, it isn't easy making such a mess.

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