Saturday, July 22, 2017

ode to a planner

Since moving to California, I've been using a planner pretty religiously. I started using a simple moleskine before the move and found it so helpful in keeping everything straight. I started to get a bit of a reputation as someone who never went to meetings (or really anywhere, for that matter) without my little notebook. A couple months ago I switched to a mini happy planner because, well, to be honest, it was just too cute to pass up. So when all of this* started happening, I told Josh I absolutely needed to get a larger planner. I, of course, expected him to say this was an unneeded expense in a time where we need every-single-little-dime we can spare, but he immediately said "Yes, this is an investment in our future". ♫ Have I told you lately that I love [him]?!?!♫ This man gets me. And understood when I literally just grabbed the keys and headed to the craft store.
 ::insert image of cartoon character leaving a cloud of smoke behind them here::
Thank goodness for 40% off coupons and great sales that made it a satisfying but very affordable trip! And the fact that I found a planner sticker pack labeled "mom" was just icing on this crazy wonderful cake.

All this to say that despite the simple joy that my planner has brought me, today I opened it and had a mini panic attack. Seriously. Our "to do" list is out of control, and we are doing visits with the kids almost every-other-day which really cuts down on my "getting stuff done" time. But no worries, I marked the crap out if it (the planner, that is) scheduled everything possible, and am feeling more in control. Let's just be clear- I don't expect to be able to stick to it all, but just knowing we have a plan, seeing that it's completely do-able, and most importantly seeing the kids so much, has made me feel much better. And really, when you have a partner like I do, it all seems so much easier.

*Hopefully by now everyone understands that "this" is just my new short-hand for Josh and I being laid off simultaiouslyt and agressively pursuing foster four siblings.

 Enjoy this bonus look at the inside of my planner cover, with photo booth pics!

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