Monday, July 24, 2017

house rules

Today we got to hang out with the kids. As official Foster Parents (capitol F, capitol P!) we call them "visits". Each "visit" gets easier and more comfortable, and always leave us knowing this is probably the best decision we've ever made.  

Snapshot of the day:
We had to stop by the office for a little paperwork, and when I got our lease out to sign and scan, the kids all asked what I was doing. I explained it was the paperwork for our house so we all had a place to live  together and the youngest immediately chimed in, "Can I sign too?!", which then lead to everyone getting paper and pens. I started dictating their own leases which went something like this: 

Dear house, 
        We can't wait to come live in you!

And then we started writing down our house rules, which (so far) are as follows:
1- If someone's bedroom door is closed, you must knock if you want to come in.
2- No yelling (out of anger) ((and yes, that's a necessary qualifier in any home I live in.))
3- Say "OK".
4- No touchy! (which is their way of saying no hitting)
5- Don't pick up the cat.
6- Don't sit on the dog.

There were many more after this, but they got progressively silly, which, to me, is perfect.

After that, we went to lunch, and just went out-and-about to spend time together. We ended up at Barnes & Nobles where we bought a couple books to read before bed (Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls!!) and just enjoyed spending time together. And holding hands. Lots of holding hands. And if that wasn't enough to make my heart explode right there, we posted our gofundme page and received such an amazing outpouring of love and support that I'm dizzy. 

And humbled. 

I'm so humbled to have spent the day with four kids that are so willing to let us in to their lives and their hearts, and to make a new family with us in it. I'm so humbled at the kind and wonderful words of our friends and family who have shared our story and given us their endorsement and donated. Truly and deeply humbled.

Tomorrow is another busy day of paperwork and packing and all that necessary boring stuff, but I just can't wait until wednesday until we get to be with the kids again. 

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  1. Came across your gofundme page, and followed the link here. I think you and your husband have huge hearts and truly hope that these kids get their happily ever after with you guys(and you with them). I am rooting for you.