Thursday, July 7, 2016

Phase One

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Our adoption process is only in it's infancy (sorry, can't help myself!) and we are only in Phase One, which we have defined as "information seeking". Yes, it's as exciting as it sounds. Well, not so much "exciting" as "terrifying". But exciting definitely fits in there too. I don't know, there are a lot of emotions happening!
So far we have meet and talked with a couple adoptive parents, done some very basic online research, and then moved to California, which is completely unrelated but definitely slowed Phase One. We thought. Surprise twist! One of our new coworkers formerly worked for one of the top foster-to-adopt agencies in town. As soon as I heard that I jumped all over it. Josh and I sat down with her for coffee and a long list of questions. Honestly, up until now, it has been one of the most valuable opportunities. We also live right down the road from Saddleback Church, who have a myriad of support and information groups about adoption. (Side note: I know mega churches exist, and I even thought I had been to a few until I went to this campus. I think it's as big as my college was. Seriously, they buy old Disney trams to transport people to and from the parking lot for church.)
Anyway, we attended a meeting there and learned two very important things. 1: we know a lot more about this process than we realized, and 2: international adoption is much more realistic for us than we realized. So we have come to our first major fork in the road. Like I said, exciting and terrifying. I left the meeting completely pumped up and excited and Josh was so overwhelmed with the information he could hardly put a sentence together. Which explains our different answers here:

What will your next steps towards adoption be?

Do I even need to tell you who wrote what? I definitely got a kick out of that one. And then tried to get Josh to change his answer :)

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