Monday, July 25, 2016

chain tassle earrings

Sometimes you just need to make something. And sometimes you get lucky and find some odds and ends lying around that work together perfectly. I made these earrings from supplies I had left over from other projects. So I'm happy, and my husband is happy. (He never says anything but he always gets this look in his eyes when I head for the craft store. It's like a "oh boy how much is this going to cost and how long is my wife going to be gone?" kinda look. You know? It makes me happy to keep his blood pressure down.
DIY earrings

So after many other projects and trips to the craft store (with many aforementioned looks from hubby)  I already had all this stuff: a couple cute beads, a length of chain, earring hooks, wired loops, and a couple jump rings. If I had bought all the supplies new I doubt Josh would have even noticed, the bill is so small when you use a coupon or two! And I will confide in you that at no point in my life so far have I regretted my small investment in needle-nose pliers and wire cutters. Seriously. I'm surprised at how often they get used. 
DIY earrings supplies

Just cut a few pieces of the chain into the same length...

and add those to a jump ring. Tip: don't pull the ring apart, twist it open so it keeps it's circular shape.

Add the chain to the end and layer your beads together. I found these cool turquoise beads but anything you like will work. 

Finish them off by using your needle-nose piers to create a loop on the other end. This takes a little practice to get perfect but nobody will notice in the meantime (I say that with confidence because nobody ever seems to notice my very lopsided loops). Then just add the earring hook and you're done! I was almost disappointed at how little time these took. But I suppose there is something to be said for a little instant (or almost instant) gratification. You could whip these babies up as a quick gift or create a pair to match your new shoes, and then of course send me photos because I would love to see!

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