Monday, May 12, 2014

who's the funny looking donkey?

Is there a Belieber or Twighard version of Frozen? A special name for all those of us who are obsessed with the movie, have watched it too many times and still find ways to quote it every day? Me included. Every girl in my house included. We need a name. I'm naming it. I dub all of us "icicles."
Aaaaanyway...... All this to say we got a puppy. And named him Sven. Because we are icicles. And we have been wanting a puppy for so so long. An obnoxiously whine-to-everyone-we-see long time.

You may ask how we obtained the most perfect little Golden Retriever and it really happened in a matter of minutes. Hubs and I walked into the puppy farm and went right for Sven. We took him out of his sad little kennel and within three minutes Josh announced that "this is our puppy." To which I said, "whoa there killer. Let's hang out for a bit and make sure. We're in no hurry!" We were there another 5 minutes before we walked out the door with him. Seriously. It was destiny. You just can't fight destiny.
{3 months old, 20 pounds}

All the way home we were brainstorming names and I finally said we should just forget it- something will come to us and we will know. We're in no hurry! (famous last words...) So after we got home we brought little Sven out to meet all the girls and one thing led to another (aka one Frozen quote led to another) and we instantly knew his name had to be Sven. Which is of course the best, because now we are constantly saying "stop it Sven!" Then we all died with happiness.
{He follows Josh around like.....well, like a little puppy dog!}

We love him so much already. He follows us around and just wants to be everyone's best friend, which everyone is fine with, I mean, come on, you can't see him and not be smitten. I know we are! (He's currently nestled right up to me. Eeeeek! So cute!) And if his just plain-old puppy cuteness didn't win you over, then watching him roll around in the grass definitely will. (or watching him play with an ice cube! But I don't have a video of that yet.)

{video from my phone. I'm all about quality} 
Rest assured you have not seen the last of this little guy.

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