Thursday, May 8, 2014

.... is this thing on?

I logged on and found a draft of a post still just sitting there.....from 3 years ago! Sheesh! It's like a virtual ghost town.
Old broken links... ::Que the western music::
Photos no longer available....  ::rolling tumble weeds::

So. Let's just jump in like no time has past, except that everything is different. You know, like:
-my hair is down to my waist now
-I live in Omaha, Nebraska

Ok wow. I started a list because I thought it would be long, but ok that's really it! I still have a husband I adore. I spend my free time making things. Lots of things. Any things. And the other stuff is just a little different. My job is different now, and I have one kitty and one puppy now (Long story. No really. I love telling long stories where you wonder half-way through where it's going and sometimes I forget too, but this one is boring. Even to me) And oh yea!  I'm still not great at taking photos so you can pretty much just expect phone photos. Although I just discovered this thing called instagram and they have filters, so yeah, color you impressed #i'mawesomenow #allthecoolkidsthinki'mcool.

I think at least once a month for the last 3 years I have told Josh that I'm going to start blogging again. Mostly, I really miss having this record of my life. I'm not a journaler, or a journalee, or a journal-keeping-type-person, so I love having this place that I can write down my thooughts and feeeelings and stuuuuff. You know, not like a journal at all. I'd love to stick to posting once a week, so stay tuned! And ignore the last post (from three years ago) that said I was going to keep updating....

I almost forgot! A photo to prove I am still alive (Unfortunately this is not where we live. Its from vacation in Temecula last weekend. )

Us in temecula


  1. Yeah!! I am so happy you are back to blogging. I look forward to all the new things I can copy of yours! What are sisters for??? Love ya!

  2. Gasp! Hi!! I love old bloggy peeps coming back! I'm trying to emerge from very stagnant posting myself. That troublesome thing called life seems to get in the way too often ;) Cheers to being back! <3