Monday, April 4, 2011

the arrival of spring

the weather here has been gorgeous. really really gorgeous. we've had the windows open which, besides providing a wonderful springy breeze, has the added incentive of creating a kitty incubator. 

i really did not think they could sleep more, or be any cuter, but i was wrong.
i hope you're enjoying beautiful weather, too!


  1. oh yes, it's been the same here, both in weather and level of kitty enjoyment. they're just the cutest all curled up in the sunshine. bah! :)

  2. I'm shivering and donning gumboots every. dang. day. this past week. And the one before. Seriously cold spring round these parts :(

    Send me some sunshine, K?

  3. My cats have been sitting and sleeping in the sunshine next to open windows and sliding screen doors too. I've really been needing spring to arrive.

  4. ahhhhhhhhhh i love cat pictures. yours are always SO cute!! also, can you send some of that weather our way? thanks :)