Sunday, April 3, 2011

april fool's fun

last year i had a great day of pranks & goodies planned for the kiddos at school, so this year i was anxious not to disappoint! i went old school with the jokes- a water-squirting flower pin and a whoopie cushion. hilariousness ensued.

an april fool's day craft for everyone to make:

and what birthday celebration would be complete without cupcakes? these just happen to look like real food.
vegetable lo mein:

fried rice:

and fortune cookies! 

all made with caramel, cereal, frosting, and lots of candy!
 i wish it were my birthday every day!


  1. Coolest cupcakes ever...ever.

  2. wow i love how creative you were with those cupcakes! the kids must've gone crazy. i still cannot fathom how you possible put those together! very cool.

  3. You made those?!! Unreal! What a fun April Fool's idea!!

  4. you are the coolest person in the world! i love those cupcakes, and the fact you provide plenty of laughs for the kiddies. i hope your birthday was amazing!

  5. those cupcakes are AH-MAZING! i love them! such a great idea!!

  6. pretty sure you need to be a cupcake baker extraordinaire!! amazing!