Sunday, March 20, 2011

on the road again

it's finally spring break! 
birds are chirping, there is fresh coffee in the kitchen, and did i mention 
it's spring break?!
{::cue music:: "oh what a beautiful mornin..."}

ahh yes, spring break. that magical week that comes never-too-soon and always just in time to cure the i'm-about-to-pull-out-my-hair stresses. so husband and i are headed out of town to spend some time with my little sister and family and friends in chicago. i love a good road trip with the hubs! {and all that quality time with my long-distance loved-ones}
and for the road, i've packed the last of our cuties. am i the only one who has noticed their adorable stickers and is it possible that it makes them taste better?

 happy spring break friends!  
{and if you don't get a spring break, then i wish you lots of sunshine}


  1. i'm on spring break too!

    isn't it simply delightful?

    have a wonderful trip.


  2. Ugh. I wish I got a spring break! Oh and I live near Chicago in Oswego! Have fun! You should go to the Skydeck if you get the chance. I'm afraid of heights though, so it wasn't as fun for me. :(

  3. my kids are on spring break (which means i will be hiding in the closet periodically. ha ha) enjoy yours :)

  4. I'm on spring break too and taking my mini-road trip today. Hope you have a splendid spring break, Angie!!

  5. I'm on spring break, too, but have been sick the entire week. Boo. 4 days left, so maybe I'll wake up feeling fab tomorrow...

    Happy Road Trip! Are you going to see Sarah? If so, tell her I said hi, happy almost-birthday, and I miss her blog!

  6. No spring break but because everyone else was, I had great traffic.


  7. Party in your tummy! That's awesome - I wish they had those stickers on them here in the UK! Enjoy your spring break!! x