Saturday, January 29, 2011

my reading nook

so, i've been wanting a digital reader since they amazon announced they were making the kindle. i really really really wanted one. i may not be the most avid reader ever, but i'm still in the club and this little device definitely appeals to me.
so i splurged with my christmas money and got one.

so far its been, well, awesome!
i wasted no time in renewing our new yorker subscription on my nook {which husband loves to use, too}

and then i got lazy. instead of pulling out my sewing machine, i took the easy way out and bought cozy for it. i figured i would just by the material from etsy anyway, so why not skip a step and buy one? plus, i saw this and immediately described it as "crazy cute".

{i just couldn't resist turning it green, either}

i got it from sakizome and {in my humble opinion} she has the best ebook/ipad cases and the most adorable fabrics. i had trouble narrowing it down. plus, she sent a couple vintage book postcards with my package. how cool is that?

so, i've already got a couple books read and a couple more on my list, but i want to know what you recommend. stumbled across anything good lately??


  1. Woo electronic books! I still don't know if I'm ready for that. There is something soo good about having a book in my hand.

    Books to recommend: I just finished To Kill A Mockingbird, but it's old school. Try "Water For Elephants." The book is fantastic and they are making a movie that is coming out in April (featuring Reese Witherspoon).

  2. I love the nook covers! I also like your buttons - great look! I am totally behind the times when it comes to books - literally and figuratively. I just finished Pride & Prejudice and Zombies (got it from my daughter's bookshelf) and started Secret Life of Bees (also from daughter.) But I'm listening to North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell. I've read a number of her works, listened to them and seen the BBC productions - just love them all!

  3. So cute! I've been a bit reluctant to get a digital reader even though everyone I know who has one loves it. I think I just spend so much time on the computer for grad school that I don't want to be near any electronic devices when I'm reading for fun. Does that make sense?

  4. Welcome to the ebook world! I have the Sony Reader and loooove it. Don't you find that you're reading more now that you have an ereader? Feel free to browse through my books on goodreads:

  5. I just got a kindle and Love Love Love it. Some books to recommend: Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Chosen by a Horse, The Help.

  6. Awesome fabric! As soon as I get an ipad or a reader I think I'll be tempted to get one of her covers. Tablets and readers just aren't an expense I can justify right now, but one day...

  7. Here are some links to recent blog posts around the web regarding books. (There may be more suggestions in the comments of each post.)

  8. How do you like it? I wanted one for Christmas, but then changed my mind. I really prefer the features on the Kindle, but my gut tells me to get a Nook. I'd love to get the Nook Color, but I'm hesitant since it's newer. What made you decide to get the original Nook?

  9. Water for Elephants
    The Help
    Saving CeeCee Honeycutt
    The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake
    Listening for Lions
    The Hunger Games trilogy

    I'm on a reading roll!

  10. I just got the kindle as a gift and am so excited! I can't believe how thin and light it is. Hopefully it will allow me to read more than I have been.
    Lovely blog - I am your newest follower!
    Looking forward to reading more!
    Have a lovely weekend!