Friday, November 5, 2010

thanksgiving trial #1

today i began preparing for thanksgiving. we haven't come close to planning the menu or anything, but there are a couple items on the menu we know will be included: cheesy-potatoes {a holiday must-have in our family} and home made bread. yummy! 
so today i thought it was time to take a crack at the bread because i want a few practice runs before the big day. and seriously, after mentioning home made bread it's all i can think about. my mom always makes the best bread! and i have no excuse for not doing the same because we actually have a bread machine. 

that i've never used in over 4 years.

i keep insisting that even though our apartments seem to get smaller and smaller, finding room for an appliance we never use will some day make us very happy. and today is that day! this morning, i dumped all the ingredients into the machine, pushed a button, and had fresh bread 3 hours later.

seriously, why haven't we done this before/?!

i set the crust to medium brown, but i think i'll try light next time.

it tastes amazing {i'm eating some right now!} and there are few smells in the world like bread baking.

i can't wait to make french toast in the morning. it's going to be....wait for it....legendary!
{it's amazing how proud i am of something i really didn't have anything to do with. the little oven did all the work and i take all the credit!}


  1. This makes me want a bread machine!

  2. yummmm!!!!! we had the same experience how we never used it and then one day i pulled it out and VOILA! deliciousness!

  3. It looks so delicious! I need a bread machine so badly. Maybe I'll put that on my Christmas list. And cheesy potatoes? Those I want to try.

    Have a fantastic weekend, Angie! Good luck with your Thanksgiving experiments.

  4. That looks delicious!!
    I think bread machines are going to be on all our Christmas lists! :)

    ps. cheesy potatoes? *googles recipe* why had I never heard of them?! they look delicious! Will have to try making them this weekend!! :)

  5. The bread is gorgeous and looks DIVINE. Wish I could have a slice right now! Cheesy potatoes sound awesome. Can you set a place for the 6 of us at your table as well? :)
    I haven't begun to plan yet, but this has inspired me.


  6. haha. Reading your blog, you sound so much like me and my boyfriend. We have a mini george forman, a sandwich maker (never used) and tons of other things. We use the george forman though! (Oh and we recently acquired a crock pot!)

  7. oh my goodness, i want some!!! seriously looks yummy!
    i want a bread maker for christmas... i think that's what i'll put on my wish-list!


    ps. you should join my ornament swap, being the crafty goddess you are ;)

  8. oh man this makes me really want a bread machine! homemade bread is the best!!