Tuesday, November 2, 2010

jumping the gun? nah.

husband and i recently came to the conclusion that going home for thanksgiving just isn't in the books this year. travel is so expensive, and i only get a couple short days off of work, so the idea of spending 2 days traveling for 2 days at home just doesn't seem practical.

i have to keep reminding myself of these facts because, well, thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday and the idea of not being with family is kinda sad. to me, this whole holiday is about family. i remember so many wonderful thanksgiving dinners together and every few years or so we would go around the table and say what we were thankful for. but most years we didn't. i always felt like we didn't need to. it was obvious what we were all thankful for. 
we were thankful for our family.
we were thankful to be together.

 so in an effort to convince myself that a thanksgiving dinner away from family will be fine, i've actually found myself getting really excited about the prospect of starting some new traditions just for the two of us. a quiet weekend filled with our favorite foods and music and lots and lots of cuddling on the couch.
i think it's going to be incredible. and a thanksgiving to remember. 
so even though it's early, i'm already dreaming up ideas and scouring the internet for inspiration. i'm thinking of going with a leaf theme. {for the table, that is}

how about you, are you thinking about thanksgiving already, too? 
are you starting any new traditions?
and most importantly, do you have any ideas for me??


  1. Okay so I looooove Thanksgiving as well. So many memories of my family all together eating the most delicious food in the world. But I haven't lived in the same state as my family for the past 11 years, and after the first couple years of college, it just wasn't reasonable to go home anymore (with Christmas so close). I miss my family more on Thanksgiving than all the other days of the year combined, probably, but I find comfort in making my mama's squash casserole and my nana's cranberry sauce for my friends here in California. :)

  2. oh these are so pretty!
    have a good thanksgiving, i wish we celebrated it in england, it looks so lovely.

  3. I'm so sad you will not be home for Thanksgiving this year! It won't be the same without you!

    Idea #1 Cheesy potatoes (causes big trouble if not on the menu)

    Idea #2 Phone home.

    Idea #3 Hug eachother for us!

    Love to you both

  4. I mostly think of starting new traditions when you're involved with someone. I'm not in a relationship right now, so I'll just be going home to family, eating dinner at my mom's parents' and my dad's parents'.

  5. You know it's funny because my boyfriend and I have been thinking about Thanksgiving and we are thinking about just having dinner with the two of us and our rabbit. Maybe some turkey sandwiches. Just simple and thankful!

  6. wow, i love everything about that first picture! my husband and i used to go to pennsylvania every year for thanksgiving and stay here in virginia for christmas. we haven't been for several years because it's just so nice to be home (around our elastic waistbands).

  7. I love the idea of a leaf theme!

    Thanksgiving was a month ago here. I'm starting to think about Christmas!!!

  8. i love that leaf garland as well as the table runner.
    so pretty! we had our thanksgiving already, since it is in October up here in Canada. Hope you have a great one! ;)

  9. The best part about thanksgiving is that you can be thankful no matter where you are :)

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  11. I'll never forget Thanksgiving 2008 when your family invited Greg and I over. Your dad was wounded from falling off something at work (I think Christmas decorating?), your mother and Joye made the most YUMMY food (including strawberry/pretzel jello-amazing) and we played cards and Settlers for a few hours. It was delightful. You are truly blessed with a fabulous family. :)

  12. i'm right there with you. i live really far away from family and after our wedding and honeymoon expenses, i can't afford to see any of them for either thanksgiving or christmas. but dannon and i have completely embraced being by ourselves for our first holidays as newly weds. i'm pretty excited about having our own tree, and our own dinners, and our own new traditions!

    i love your leaf theme - such pretty things you could do with it!

  13. I ADORE the leaf garland idea. We actually made leaves yesterday (painted paper then cut out leaf shapes). I'll post about it soon. But...I couldn't figure out how to string our leaves into a garland. My brain is still a little post-having-baby mushy from not getting enough zzzzz's.

    I know your place will look gorgeous!!