Friday, November 26, 2010

scenes from our little thanksgiving

we had a wonderful thanksgiving {and i hope you did, too!}
i was extremely proud of myself for making us a feast and getting it ready on time {i don't cook often, so it's nice to know i can if i want to} 

the menu:
-rotisserie chicken {we're not big meat-eaters, so husband grabbed one of these from the store}
but everything else was made by me:
-homemade bread
 -cranberry relish
-cheesy potatoes {we cheated and made these the night before and had them for dinner!} 
-green bean cassarole
- chocolate crackle cookies
we borrowed a table and had dinner in the middle of the livingroom, with good music in the background, and the football game on mute {i don't know how the lions are able to keep fans when they're always so disappointing and heartbreaking, but husband always goes back for more} he sat on a desk chair and i sat on an ottoman.

and besides the food, i also made some decorations. {told you i wanted a leaf theme!}
like some leaf swags:

 and leaf candle holders {using jars i already had}:

and some mini pumpkin votives, too:

i got a remnant of cream-colored burlap a couple weeks ago and made it into a table runner:

i embroidered leaves on it, with one side mirroring the other:
 {the middle} 

 {with graduated colors}

 {from dark brown}

 {to green}

and even though it was just the two of us, i had a little fun with "place cards" using our initials:

i convinced husband to take this photo quick, before we ate:
{and don't be fooled, we put on sweaters over our pj's for about 2 minutes, and then quickly switched back the rest of the day}

so, even though we were far away from family and friends, we had a wonderful day together, with way too much food! 

and then we went and saw harry potter.

i wish thanksgiving came more than once a year!


  1. Oh my goodness, cutest Thanksgiving decor I've seen! I'm amazed that you did all this work AND cooked!

  2. aw, that sounds so sweet! i love how festive you got with all your decorations. my husband is from massachusetts, though, so he was pretty psyched about the game. condolences to your husband. but i'm glad the rest of your day was great!

  3. Gorgeous!!!!! I absolutely love everything!!! xoxo

  4. Awwww, you and your hubby are adorable :) And you did a fantastic job with the decor. BEAUTIFUL!!!

    PS: I love that you put sweaters over your pjs and then switched right back once the photo was taken.

  5. It sounds like you had an awesome Thanksgiving! I think one day soon I'm going to make pajamas mandatory for a Thanksgiving party. And to top off the day with Harry Potter? Sounds good to me. Happy day after Thanksgiving, Angie!

  6. wow, you embroidered that?!? it's so pretty! such warm, pretty decorations! could be in a magazine.

  7. Such sweet and thoughtful decorations. Your leaf garlands and votives are amazing.


  8. What excellence- turning a diasappointment ( no trip home) into a wonderful memory. Angie, you are a gift!

  9. umm please stop being so cute and talented so i can stop being jealous!! ahhh everything looks amazing, i love all the decor. and your menu sounds impressive, we just let my mom do all the cooking haha.

  10. I love the decor and am a sucker for banners so especially love the leaf garland. Great job.