Tuesday, October 19, 2010


i've been crafting so much the last several weeks, but there's really only so many things one can make for themselves. so i decided to spread the love a little!
i sent these zippered pouches out to a couple lovely ladies:
 {for brandi}

 {for lauren}

and this itty baby hat for caroline's new little boy joy {and she sent me the most adorable photo of him in it!}

but of course, my favorite project was for my bestie. she is such an inspiration {even when she's so far away!} so i made her a little embroidery from this photo of a miniature love note she left for her hubby.
{the note}

{the embroidery}

i've just finished projects for each of my sisters and i'm sending them this week. the worst part now is the waiting! and the mail here is so. slow. 
i hate waiting!


  1. You are seriously a crafting goddess. The note you redid as embroidery is gorgeous and I LOVE my cute bag.

    I want lessons.

  2. awwww what lucky ladies to have received your crafty goodness!!! you did a great job on all of them!! :D

  3. those zippered pouches are ADORABLE!! and i love how you took sarah's post it note and turned it into a love embroidery - so cute!

  4. you are so generous! these things are super super cute =)

  5. you are the best bestie ever.

    i can't wait to send you my little package (hehe)

  6. These are all so cute but that love note is adorable! :)