Tuesday, September 14, 2010

subway art by me

so we've been in our new apartment for about a month, and it looks pretty bare. 
so i decided it was time to jump on this subway art bandwagon and make us something. which i hung in our teeny-tiny little "hallway" over the fuse box. 

i used one of husband's favorite quotes, from dostoevsky's house of the dead.

i painted the letters in orange and outlined them in orange and brown sharpie {classy, i know} i didn't want it to look perfect- i like a little sloppy in my art. but i think it might just be all sloppy. oh well, i still like it!


  1. I love your subway art! And what a wonderful quote for it.

  2. Angie, it looks AWESOME. And your husband has great taste in quotes. I love your new blog template too -- it's so cute! You've really been getting your design on lately.

  3. Don't underestimate the power of the sharpie! It's an artistic wonder! :) The blog looks great too - I need to do some major work on mine, stat!