Friday, September 24, 2010

a bestie crafty banner

last year around this time, my bestest bestie sent me a wonderful handmade paper bunting banner. unfortunately, it's too small to fit over our large living room window, but it's perfect for our little kitchen window:
{forgive the weird photos, i had to take them in the evening with all the lights on since the sun usually shines in so brightly} 

so, inspired by that wonderful window treatment, i made a slightly larger one for the living room window. 

someday i'd like to make a fabric one, but this was so quick and easy. and i do love paper.
  it's these little things that make our house feel like a home.


  1. It's really cute. I kinda want to make one for myself now too -- my roommate and I definitely need to add a little bit of color and flair to our apartment. Where did you get the paper?

  2. I have recently discovered a love for bunting. This banner is adorable! Sarah is one talented girl...

  3. I love this banner--so cheerful and festive!

    p.s. Your incredible and super amazing (can you tell i like it?) guest post is on my blog today. I saved the best for last, which was your post of course.
    Sending my love and thanks to you for this.
    xo Caroline

  4. that bunting banner is soo cute. this is why i need craft tips. i wouldn't know what to do with it, but i love what you did with it.

  5. Aw, cute! I might borrow your idea, as I have Venetian blinds, too.