Monday, August 16, 2010

i love it...i love it not...

i have a love/hate relationship with manhattan kansas.
which i don't really think is unusual when you move to a completely new and unfamiliar place. it's actually pretty arbitrary how i feel about it on any given day. like a little girl plucking petals from a flower to discover if her crush loves her or not, my feelings about the city have less to do with the city itself and more to do with me.

but lately it's been all love love love.
mostly for reasons i can't explain or pinpoint. it's the beginning of my dibilitating allergy season {and i won't even tell you how much it costs to refill my inhalers} so really i should be dreading the coming months, but i'm finding myself looking forward to the fall. it's getting cooler {finally!} and the sky is so beautiful. all the time. i find myself cloud-watching any chance i get. school starts next week and i'm excited to get back to my routine- blogging, working, practicing, and maybe a little yoga.

i think it's going to be a good year.


  1. I'm thinking fall, too. I know Spring is supposed to be all about new beginnings, but I've got a good, refreshing feeling about this fall and the year ahead.

  2. sweet! I have those feelings too. On a recent trip to California, I was sure I wanted to move there, but upon driving up my street I knew I was home. :)

  3. I'm glad things are going so wonderfully right now, Angie! I have a love love love relationship with NJ right much so I don't want to return to San Diego. But I must and I will find way to love that place too while I'm there.

  4. I am not ready for fall, which brings winter. Sigh. The heat just doesn't last long enough.