Thursday, August 19, 2010

about hugs

 "It’s like an emotional Heimlich. Someone puts their arms around you and they give you a squeeze and all your fear and anxiety come shooting out of your mouth in a big wet wad and you can breath again."

{photo: we heart it}


  1. There's nothing like a good hug. I'm trying to overdose on them while I'm still with family and good friends and my boyfriend.

  2. i want a hug from you. right now.

    oh, and i'm beginning to plan us a little florida get-away. so that we can go to harry potter world or whatever it's called. and yes, for this get away, we'll have unlimited budgets. just so you know.

  3. I love this quote. A lot. It's perfect.

  4. aww i like that quote! oh, and i like your blog header. so cute :]