Saturday, July 24, 2010

weekend update

it's hot here. i mean, i know its hot everywhere, but i'm talking about upper 90's and up {it's already 100 degrees today} with 50-80% humidity. it's been too hot to blog, too hot to pet barn kitties, too hot to do anything but swim {which i do daily and with lots of sunblock} and eat cold things indoors with the air on. so this post is brought to you by ice cream and cole porter:
my sunburn is all healed up. thanks for the advice and sympathies!

i'm with my parents, in wichita, visiting family i haven't seen for years. i forsee lots of smiles and card games. photos to come.
the computer will be home when i get back, which means more updates and more visiting bloggy friends. cause i don't even know what you guys have been up to! i hope you're staying cool and enjoying the weekend!


  1. .....and then next weekend you will be with the in-laws!!! Can't wait to see you....So excited!

  2. Glad your sunburn is all better and you can brave the sun again and visit family (without everyone commenting on your burn). And I know what you mean about the heat -- I hardly want to venture away from the cool air conditioning inside. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Angie!