Saturday, June 12, 2010

summer means...

painted toes

friendship bracelets 

freckled cheeks

and lots of sunscreen!
what does summer mean to you?


  1. I love your toes! I got my painted Friday, a really light pink. You can hardly see it, I thought it would turn out darker. Woops. Summer for me means work, work, work! Saving money, spending time with my best friend, family, and trying to get as much tan as I can. Lol. It's also about enjoying freedom from the reigns of school. Woo-hoo! It's also about my birthday, which was June 2nd. :)

  2. I'm right there with you on the freckles and tons of sunblock. For me, it's lots of dinners cooked with people I love, time to read, and just not think about school. I'm so thankful the summer is finally here.

  3. definitely lots of sunscreen!!

    I love Summer!

    cute nail polish color, have a lovely day!!

    stopping by from SITS. =)

  4. hear, hear sister!
    I've already started dusting off that nail polish collection and getting ready to show off my painted toes :)


    p.s your blog is looking so beautiful!

  5. Remember our days making friendship bracelets at the Y? Sigh... life was so much simpler back then!!!

  6. Now that the garden tour is over, it means laying on my newly cushioned 1940's sofa on the patio reading!! :)yea!