Friday, June 11, 2010

envelope project and other mails

i joined the envelope project over at meet me at mike's
it's such a cool idea and i can't wait to see what everyone has done. i just wanted to go with something fun and simple, so i didn't go too overboard. i think my envelope turned out kind cute {if i do say so myself!}

i filled it with some trim, and other vintage goodies:

i just sent off my package for tillie's simply delightful package swap,
but i'm keeping the contents quiet until my partner gets hers.

i also finally joined postcrossing! yay! {after thinking about it for months} and just received my first post cards. i love them all:
from verena in germany- she grew up in this town!

from victoria in england

from steve in cali- the title of this piece is "marriage a la mode: a visit to the quack doctor" love it!

from suvi in finland

and have you noticed? i put up a new summer layout <3


  1. um, yes i noticed!! it's adorable and totally inspiring me to overhaul ol' auburn street. she's in dire need of some attention!

  2. look how cute and summery you are! sigh... my blog needs a major makeover!

  3. THis is so cute, even though I dont know what the envalope project is. Your blog is adorable and I just redid my blog also!! :) xoxo

  4. 1. LOVE the new layout!
    2. LOVE the envelope you made!
    3. LOVE the Postcrossing idea, I might have to do it myself!!

  5. I just love love love love the new blog header and layout. It simultaneously makes me hungry and screams that you're so cool. And the envelope...OMG. All kinds of awesomeness. You make me want to raid a craft store. Really.

    Have a fantastic weekend, Angie!