Tuesday, June 8, 2010

frog collection: miniature edition

i've mentioned a couple times that i collect frogs {mainly vintage frogs} it's something i've done since i was a little kid. and now i'm finally getting around to showing off my little nerdy collection. these are just the small ones, stashed all over my apartment. {i may have missed a few...} 
large to small
vintage ceramic frog- this year's birthday present from mom 

silver pin- birthday present from mom, way back in high school

 definitely the prettiest {although it's tarnished right now}
it's on display when i'm not wearing it

hand-carved wooden frog- christmas present from a childhood friend, way back in middle school. i don't know how i've kept this tiny guy for over 10 years, but i love his red tongue

  hand-crafted silver charm- bought by me from a bazaar in santa fe, way back in high school

one of my all-time favorites. he plays the violin! and i just love all the detailing

silver used-to-be-an-earring tiny frog. i have his brother floating around here too, but he still has the post attached. i wore these everyday my sophomore year of high school

and all together, for a little size reference
i've had more over the years, but i only keep the ones i truly adore. 

i feel like i just let my dork out a little. do you collect anything? or am i all alone here...


  1. I've collected unicorns since I was about 10, I don't have any on display currently.. They are all in storage. I'd like to display them one day once I have the room though.

  2. My boyfriend's mom loves frogs and of course in another life my man "Jeremiah" was a bull frog ;) At the moment I'm collecting wine corks. I have tons of them but am yet to do anything creative with them!!!

    Great post :)

  3. i used to collect dolphins like it was my job. then i got over it, but i was still given dolphins for EVERYTHING for at least two more years.

    now, i just indulge everyone else's collections!

  4. so cute! we collect magnets - from everywhere we go. every trip we take we find a cheesy magnet to take home with us and display on our fridge. does that make ME a dork?! :)

  5. I just love it when people collect little things like this. My aunt collects mice. Obviously not the live ones. I used to collect things but I don't anymore...well, except books.