Sunday, May 23, 2010

stamping wishlist

i don't do a lot of stamping {i just dabble} but when i run across stuff like this, it makes me want to take it up as a serious hobby. 
 turning the mount into a camera? way too cool.

 i can see making some adorable cards with matching envelopes with these. i can't even pick a favorite.

to send some adorable packages. among other things.

possibly my favorite of the bunch. and hubby always like handmade cards :)

anyway, i just couldn't resist sharing part of my wishlist.
and tomorrow, i'm gonna show you how my chair project is going. i'm excited!


  1. I need need NEED that camera Stamp! Dang them not shipping to New Zealand. Arrrrgh!

  2. Oh oh oh I want so many of these! I love stamps, although I don't mess around with them very often.

  3. I love the idea of using stamps to make handmade cards. But there are so many stamps out there! I'd just have no idea where to start. What I'd really love is a place to go to where I could use stamps to make cards without having to buy them -- wouldn't that be a great idea?

  4. LOVE the camera. I have a (small) collection of vintage cameras...kind of my thing. at some point (like when the kids are older) I'd like to display them somewhere in the house...
    anyway--super cool stamps--the camera is my fave for sure.

  5. Love the stamps! Found you from SITs (I am catching up on the FBs from the past few days!) So glad I found your crafty blog!

  6. Stamping is ADDICTING! That's for sure!

  7. I love some of those too!!! The camera ones are my favorite!