Friday, May 21, 2010

kitty love

i love my kitties. a lot. 
i always say i'm not really a cat person, i just like mine. otherwise, i prefer dogs. 
but how can you resist all this cuteness?!?
{aria is grey, cache is orange}

sometimes we call her fatty catty cause she doesn't really watch her figure :)

and the kitty cache, as we like to call him. can you tell that he's sleeping in the unfinished chair? i can't keep him out of it!


  1. Cute! Seems I like all kitties EXCEPT my own! Your post about your sweeties is much nicer than my last post about my hell beast.

  2. The way you feel about cats is the same way I feel about them. I'm a dog person, but I have three cats and I love them. I'm not a cat person, but I'm a Hugo/Marty/Cami person. (Especially a Hugo person because he cuddles with me at night.)

  3. I love kitties. A lot.

    I have a lot of kitties. Too many, actually. :/

    Thank you for sharing your kitties!

  4. first, these pictures are adorable.

    second - i think i'm the opposite... i'm a cat person who happens to think winslo is the cutest thing ever. so a cat person who has a dog.

  5. Awwww they do seem super cute....I have to say I am not a cat person either but they do look like a very loveable pair

    Laura x

  6. Your cats are so cute but I am biased to my own haha.

    I am a cat and dog person, love them both and I could never have enough of either of them. Unfortunately my fiance doesn't feel the same way haha

  7. I think I'm a cat-person convert. I'm pretty close to 50% cat person and 50% dog person -- I'm like equal opportunity, ya know? :)