Monday, April 19, 2010

violin tote and giveaway winner!

i've been busy making new bags for my etsy shop update i'm planning. it won't be ready until the end of the month so i'm not showing anything off yet, but i did make myself a new tote bag.

i thought it was time to show of my musical nerdyness via tote. {the best way to go imho} i stenciled the violin and the appliqued it on. and stenciled the strings and "music" and then stitched over it.

and then i stenciled the bow, stitched the bow hair, and added a ruffle all around the top {cause it was looking kinda boring}

{detail shot of stitching and lining from my favorite vintage fabric}
 i like it!

and congrats to carma of carma sez for winning my very first giveaway!


  1. I am in awe of you and your sewing skillz - as opposed to my non-craft skillz - as in my post today *sigh*

    I've got a space all picked out for that cute mirror. Right beside the door so I can check my lipstick!

  2. Ahhh!! It turned out absolutely adorable! You are a stitching goddess!!

    And lucky Carma... glad she has a place for the mirror all picked out!

  3. I love the vintage fabric!!! I'm such a sucker for fabric like that. :)

  4. Wow, very very impressive! I've never attempted appliques before, I'm so intimidated, yours is lovely!

  5. That bag is the most perfect bag ever!! I have a violinist in my home that would love one, may I replicate it for her? Her Great Great Uncle who is ninety plays in the Fiddle Festival every year here in Idaho and he just bought her a beautiful violin that will be a surprise and I can add the bag as another one! :)

    Oh, let me know who my May Day partner is.

  6. you're sewing skills are sreiously amaazing. i'm jealous, i say again.

  7. This is absolutely gorgeous! I love the violin. I used to play when I was in the 5th grade and always felt sad that I never got back to it.


  8. Ooooo, oooo, I love this too! Very cute!!!

  9. This is adorable! You are super talented!

  10. what a cute site! i love the ambiance! stopping by from SITS. nuy of

    have a great day!