Thursday, April 15, 2010

vintage postcards and other paper products

i've got no finished products to show you yet, but i did pick up some awesome vintage postcards this week:

and of course, i can never pass up a good kansas postcard. so now i've got stacks :)

and then there are these- pure vintage goodness!

i also couldn't resist these awesomely old patterns. 25 cents for two!

i'm sure you'll all be shocked, but even though tomato is in my name- i don't {or didn't} have a tomato pin cushion of my own. {just a little one i made} but i'm proud to say i finally have one of my own. and it's huge! just what i needed :)

don't forget to enter the giveaway! ends sunday {april 18}


  1. The vintage postcards are sweet...

  2. I love old vintage things. I remember my uncle bringing over some old postcards he found of people in our family writing to each other long ago. It was so cool to see what they wrote about, and what the postcards looked like. I have a thing for stories and history. :)

  3. i think my fridge needs a new postcard from you. just sayin'. i've been saving one for you for a bit. has it been a week since the last one i sent you?

    can't wait for our chat tomorrow... shall be grand!

    also... your tomato turned out adorable. and only looks a bit like a voodoo tomato!


  4. Amazing finds. i can't wait to see what the become. The patterns, so great.

  5. These postcards are wonderful! I stumbled upon a store here in San Diego that I think you'd love. It deals mainly with paper products for scrapbooking, but the owner had gone to lots of flea markets and found some great old card sets, flash cards, maps, sheet music. There was so much inspiration to be found.

  6. oh two of my loves: vintage + postcard!

    gorgeous finds and the tomato had me giggling :) I'm so glad you have one now!


    did i tell you i was excited about the May Day exchange? COS I AM! :)

  7. Where have I been, I've missed like 20 posts. :) You have been busy! Love the dress, the owls the postcards... ALL of it!

  8. awesome!!! love the vintage postcards :)

  9. I think vintage dress patterns always end up being some of my favorites. Great finds! :)

  10. cool. these vintage postcards are awesome.