Saturday, April 17, 2010

mom love!

today is a special day.
it's my mom's birthday!

{yep, she's gorgeous}
besides my hubby, she knows me better than anyone else on the planet. she is my life-long mentor and role-model. when i was a little girl, i thought that if i grew up to be half as smart as her then i'd be doing alright.

even though she's always been one of my best friends, it's really cool to see how our relationship has changed as i've gotten older. like we choose to be friends now, not just a we're-mother-and-daughter-so-we-have-to-like-it sort of thing.

and if you think i'm crafty- you should see her!

happy birthday, mom!


  1. awww how sweet! Happy birthday to your gorgeous mommy!


  2. She looks the same!! You are so lucky, you will probably look just as lovely at her age.

  3. Her yellow and polkadot outfit is adorable! Happy birthday to her :)