Friday, April 2, 2010

april fool's day fun

oh friends, i had a wonderful birthday! thank you for all your lovely wishes and comments yesterday :)
so, lets start at the beginning of the day, shall we?
i began my birthday day by scaring all my students with the most realistic fake mouse you've ever seen:
it was awesome!
and then i went home, decorated some cupcakes, and went back to school and had an april fool's day party, with all kinds of themed games {like word searches with no answers, and joker scavenger hunts} and of course prizes {like whoopee cushions, groucho marx glasses, and water-squirting rings for everyone!}
and what party is complete without snacks?
to drink: lemonade {or lemon jello}
it got lots of laughs.

to eat: mashed potatos:

peas, carrots and corn:

and chicken drum sticks!


and then, if you can believe it, the day got better.
i came home from said awesome party, and hubby said he was taking me out to the lake for a little cook-out-birthday- picnic.
so i grab my jacket, a blanket, and my book and hop in the car {telling him what a wonderful idea it is} and then we get there, and all our friends are there, with cake, and all kinds of other goodies.
 it was awesome awesome awesome. and a wonderful birthday, indeed!
and, if i do say so myself, i have the most wonderful husband. {and he's dreamy to boot!}


  1. These cupcakes you decorated are just fantastically perfect for April Fool's Day. Oh, I wish you had been my teacher. I'm so happy to hear you had a wonderful birthday -- I hope your whole weekend is just as amazing!

  2. Yay for birthdays! And nice work, hubs! :)

  3. Those cupcakes are fantastic!

    And that mouse DOES look real. I jumped a bit when I saw the picture.

    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the cupcakes girl! Your students are so lucky!

  5. aww what a sweet husband :] and love the cupcakes!!