Saturday, April 3, 2010

and there's more!

you thought my birthday posts were over? oh no. i haven't shown you all the awesome stuff i got yet! i hung up all my wonderful cards. {and no, i don't think it's excessive to have two banners in the same space}

"j" and "a" block letters, owl necklace, and earrings from the in-laws {i'm in love!}
ceramic frog {i heart frogs} and necklace {made by mom} from mom: 

birthday cupcake goodness from in-laws {i believe i have previously mentioned my affinity for cupcakes}

and what birthday is complete without a package from your bestie?!
{this is just a peek; more to come monday}

i am one lucky girl.


  1. hurray for birthdays and presents from family who are the best kind of gifts! :)


  2. i love the 2 banners and boo on anyone who thinks it is too much!!