Sunday, March 14, 2010

my knick-knack keeper

so i have this little knick knack shelf {that's what i'm gonna call it} and it's been looking pretty shabby since i got it {several months ago}
so i figure i have two options to make it work for me aesthetically:
1) keep it minimal and bare {so it doesn't get kitschy}
2) go all out, embrace the kitschy, and load it up.
so i went with option 2:
it's something i plan on adding and subtracting from at will, so i filled it will lots of little vintage trinkets {pins, figurines, buckles, randoms} and other little bits of things i like but don't know what to do with {string, ribbon, chipboard pieces, and more randoms}

it's kind of my inspiration board. so i put it with my crafty stuff.
and i think i like it.
who couldn't use more kitsch?


  1. It's fantastic! It's like an inspiration board but better because it's in 3D. Brilliant thinking!

  2. Is it a printer's tray? When I was growing up, we always had a knick knack shelf made out of an antique printer's tray. My grandmother had one, too.

    And I absolutely believe in embracing the kitsch. It looks adorable!

  3. love it. That is so adorable. I love how you have so many small things to put in there. i don't know that I could fill it. But I bet it would be fun to try. Cute!


  4. I love option 2! :) I so need something like this!

  5. Everyone needs a cubby for knick-knacks, if you ask me!

  6. i absolutely adore this! i want one!