Monday, March 15, 2010

my messy spring break

it's spring break!
my plans? craft craft craft. {and some other stuff too, but it's not as important}
my first project? a birthday present for a certain special someone.
and me? i work better surrounded by all options. 
{see the little angie shaped hole there in the middle?}

yeah, something like that.
{i guess it might be redundant to say that it's a paper craft}

good thing hubby doesn't mind walking over a "mess" {but i know where every little thing is, so there's no mess in my eyes} i also like watching movies mid-craft, so i'm set up in front of the tv. 
i just finished the duchess. loved it!
anyone have any other movie recs? {foreign films are out since i can't read subtitles and craft at the same time}
and sadly, i can't reveal this project until said person has received her birthday present. but i'll have some other things to show off later {altered violin case anyone?}


  1. Wow! I need to come to YOUR house. Looks like you've got every little tool I could ever want:) Can't wait to see the outcome of the project you have planned for someone special!

  2. this is exactly what my floor looks like when is start a project... husband says i need a room... and i say YES please.

  3. Oh dear! This makes my eye twitch! I'm guessing you don't have kids!

  4. Your mess is inspirational. I think this is what my spring break will be. I have a long list of things to do, both for fun and for school. I'd love to come over and borrow your setup -- I think one of my projects would go over quite well if I did.

  5. nice I love all those supplies scattered about it means you are up to something crafty!