Monday, March 8, 2010

apartment art: bathroom edition

i have so many different little things around our apartment that i've made, i thought i'd share some {well, i've shared some before, but this feels more official} 

the bathroom seems an odd place to start, but these were some of the first things i made for our apartment after we got married, and i like them.
 {we've all seen bathrooms, so i'll keep these photos just to the art}

colors match the bathroom rug and shower curtain 

they're all painted, with stitching and/or hand applique details

this one is by itself on another wall, above the hand towel and next to the lights and mirrors.

hope you enjoyed this little peek at my very very basic painting skills :)


  1. Wow, those are really cute. I wish I could paint. I couldn't even do anything as basic as that. They'd probably turn out ugly and horrible for me!

  2. love this peek...they are so sweet! i like the use of applique and stiching with the paintings...pretty!

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  4. Very pretty. I'm thinking about some art for our guest bathroom. You have to be careful (I think) about what you put in there.

  5. Very cool. I love these and I love the colors!

  6. Very sharp! I like the stitching - so creative.

  7. Very pretty! I can't paint at all!

  8. Those are totally awesome! I love them!

  9. Great! I'm new with PEAR. Hope to read more of your blog soon!