Friday, January 29, 2010

shrinky dink art

thanks to this lady, i'm now obsessed with shrinky dinks. i've been making all kinds of stuff {although i have to admit that most of it was a disaster} but i do have all these little goodies to show for it:

this little owl is by far my favorite:

which i then put on this necklace i made:

and then i made this little charm, too:
actually, i made two- one for me and one to send in the mail to my cousin who recently moved away from michigan, too. {i hope you're not reading this heather!}

maybe it's been inspired by our valentine swap, or maybe i'm just feeling old fashioned, but i have been writing {and wanting to write} lots of letters and postcards lately. 
maybe i should start a correspondence club? 
any takers?


  1. Your shrinky dinks are so cute! I love your state pride- it makes me want to make a Massachusetts one!

  2. Such beautiful art---soooo glad I found your site!!

  3. That owl is cool. I loved!!! shrinky dinks!

  4. ahhh! your shrinky creations turned out AMAZING!! (my confession is that i haven't made any new ones since you left. booo)

    also, i am so all over the correspondence thing. i can't wait till my swap things come! i love snail mail!

  5. soooo cute!!!!

    and um ME! :) i would so join your club.

  6. omg how fun/neat. i wanna make one now.

  7. Oh my goodness - I've had a fetish with letter and post card writing as of late, myself! My cousin, bless her soul, even bought me some stationary for Christmas. That girl can apparently read my mind, because she knew EXACTLY what I needed without even asking me. Crazy...I've always liked the idea of having a pen pal, but my daydreams of such are always romanticized to where I end up pen pal-ing the guy I will marry one day and it will be like this You've Got Mail scenario except with actual letters and not computers.

  8. I got a chirstmas ornament just like the charm you made for your cousin this year because I moved to Michigan a couple years ago!

  9. Okay, I have to read more... you're from Michigan? I am as well! Not really sure where the heart is on your mitten, maybe Kzoo? I think it's too funny (but convenient) how we all point to our hands to show where we're from!