Wednesday, October 14, 2009

weekend update III (finally)

finally, the photos from last saturday!

it got very cold so we all donned our coats and hats for the day:

josh took them on a tour of the campus while i worked for a couple hours.

we then spent the evening in aggieville at the 8th annual chili crawl. (we barely got tickets!) you take your ticket to 10 different bars and restaurants and get a small bowl of chili at each location and then go to coldstone for dessert.

we decided to rate each location, so we came prepared with our own score cards:

this was not one of our favorite places:

while jon and josh were busy watching the michigan game, alicia and i ended the evening by stealing josh's keys and decorating his office.

yes, that is "the hulk" wrapping paper on his bulletin board (and maze and blue streamers hanging on his bookshelf and desk) i think he got a kick out of it when he found it on sunday :)

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