Thursday, October 15, 2009

missing michigan

i'm only working about 10 hours a week right now, and i'm getting bored.
i don't really feel like there is much in my life giving it any meaning right now, but i am thinking that this might also be springing from the fact that last year i was working 50-60 hours a week (and now i'm not) and it takes me a while to adjust to changes.
that being said, i knew moving would be hard, and i'm ok with that. really. i miss my family A TON and my friends (cough*sarah) A TON!
but i expected that.

i didn't expect to miss my violin students this much.

so as of this week i am really trying to put myself "out there" and get some students!

i thought i was looking forward to a break, not working so much, but there is a healthy balance i'm missing right now.

PS: ben, come to kansas so we can play together again! i miss it (and you)


  1. love you girl - hang in there.

  2. i miss you tooooooooo. way too much. grap doesn't feel right with out you, in fact.

    p.s. bookshelves look great! also digging the map - what a great idea!