Wednesday, March 2, 2011

violins as decor

i display my love for the violin around my house. 
like these beautiful bookends i got from my sister-in-law a few years ago:
love them! 
and i love this print, a gift from a student:

{i keep it up here and i know how badly it needs a frame}

and the other day i got this little beauty from my favorite vintage place. i think it looks just like an f hole {i just need to figure out where to hang it!}

i'm excited for the day when i have my own craft/music room and i can hang my instruments on the wall, too. but for now, they're better in their cases.


  1. i love those bookends!! what a clever idea. the mister is also a violinist and would love to have a music room. we have so many instruments, but no where to put them! someday...

  2. all very cool. I especially love the bookends too.

  3. Those are so cute. I love how you have this whole theme going on now with violin decorations. :)

  4. fab collection starting. my dad finally has his dream violin room with workshop attached for tweaking and building them. so know that goal :)

  5. The bookends are my favourite.


  6. Very cool. We've scavenged some old instruments - an old bass that sits next to the piano and an old trumpet that I'm waiting for my husband to hang up. Love it!