Friday, March 11, 2011

book wishlist

since we've recommenced with the gift-giving traditions, i've opened the flood-gates and i've got a birthday list a million miles long. i can't stop! i already shared some of my etsy faves, so i thought i'd share what's on my book wishlist. let the gift-giving begin! {cue evil laugh. mwahhhahahhaa!}

 {this one has been on my list for years.}

{this one too}

{i really do heart macarons}

{not really a book, but i have to include it}

{and one more japanese craft book to finish}

i really don't need more ideas, but i want to know what would be on your book list anyway!


  1. oh man, these are so fun!! if i had a book wish list it would include "treehouses of the world," the original "all my friends are dead" and a hilarious comic book {which is sadly, out of print} called "teen power." i'm a big fan of coffee table books, as you can see. :)

  2. I really have a thing for journals. I love journals. I'm also obsessed with book marks. I have so many of them and I always want more. :(

  3. I have that personal library kit. It's awesome!

  4. you have the best picks! whenever i read about books i want to read one day i add them to my wishlist. so i can remember them. have fun wishing :)

  5. My list would be filled with fiction, ranging from The Help to The Tea Rose. My Goodreads to-read list is at least a mile long by now. I actually went through BAM several weekends ago and scanned barcodes of books I wanted to read to add them to my Goodreads to-read list. I just got into this mode where I couldn't stop and almost made myself late for work.

  6. ooh, i want those vintage sign language alphabet stamps.