Saturday, March 5, 2011

30 days of lists

personally, journaling doesn't do it for me, but oh how i love a good list. and then i stumbled upon this and it called my name. 
"angie! tomato! hello! i'm am the perfect project for you right now!" it said.
so, i came to the party a little late and made a few lists of my own {with lots of help from all my old catalogs}:
 {my handmade notebook}

  {so many of the things i'm looking forward to this year are wrapped up in whether we move or not and where to; it made this a short list}

 i heart music! i knew i either had to do a small list or open it up to 209 songs, so i choose just these 2 and included the lyrics: "such great heights" will always be a special song for the hubs and i, and "not your year" has been in my head for months. it's somehow very uplifting for me. 

so are any of you participating? i want to see what's on your list! {and it's never too late to jump in}


  1. what a fun project!! i'm the same way, i LOVE a good list! i'll have to go check out the whole project when i'm done here. so... are you thinking of moving to, i don't know, say, california?... ;)

  2. Wellllll I just love the way your journal looks! So pretty and creative. I'm gonna look into this project. :)

  3. thanks for posting about this, I think I might join too!

  4. Angie, this is a brilliant idea! I would absolutely join in, but right now, I need to focus on what's at the top of my to do list: finishing papers for the end of the quarter. Hope you're having a great weekend!

  5. Oh boy do I love a good list! Yours are just gorgeous...

    I might have to go check out this 30 days blog right now!

  6. Your entire notebook so far is amazing and I'm rather envious of your talent.

    I love this idea, not sure I have the time for it but love it just the same.

  7. totally going to steal this idea :) love it! yours is gorgeous

  8. Your journal looks fantastic! :]