Monday, February 28, 2011

winner winner!

 i have a giveaway winner! 
i wrote each name on a slip of paper, folded and folded it into a star
 and put them all in my lovely tomato jar {fitting, right?} 

and pulled out a name!

congrats michelle!

i enjoyed this. let's do it again soon.
{and lets just focus on how cute the stars are and not think about how ridiculous it is that i spent all this time making them just so i could draw a name. i'm not crazy! i'm going to use the leftovers to pad my nephew's birthday package. see? it's clever! not weird, ok?}


  1. You don't need to convince me--the stars are precious. Seriously--the cutest. And they'll be even more precious in a birthday package. And your tomato jar! Goodness, there's so much cuteness around here.

    Congratulations Michelle!

  2. Wow, those lil stars are impressive! I've never seen those made before! So cute!
    And congrats to michelle! :)

  3. oh my, i love those stars!!! SO cute! you might need to tell us how you made them... :) happy monday to you!

  4. Those stars are outrageously cute. I think a vlog tutorial is in order. Eh? Eh?

  5. aw nards! sad i lost, but congrats to michelle!! and funny that your nephew will get a box full of women's names. hee hee! :)

  6. Those little stars are genius! I love them.

  7. woo hoo! and love the stars! you're so clever :)