Thursday, February 3, 2011

snow daze

we don't really know how to handle snow here in kansas. and by that i mean that when news of an impending snowstorm reaches the school district offices they close school preemptively. this is my only explanation as to why we've had 3 snow days in a row, when it didn't start snowing until the afternoon of our first day off....
not that i didn't enjoy it! 
day 1: use the day off to be extra productive and get lots of stuff done. the roads really weren't that bad so i ran a lot of errands but had my afternoon-at-the-library plans ruined because they closed due to the weather, too.

day 2: knit and watch grey's anatomy {which i started watching from the beginning a couple weeks ago} both activities were done from the couch, in pj's, continuously all day, with only an occasional bathroom break.

day 3: boredom. too many days without structure is disastrous for me. i had to find new ways to entertain myself.

so did you get snow, too??


  1. THREE snow days in a row?

    Lucky duck.

    By day three, I'd totally be jumping on the bed, too.

  2. i would love three days off! well, i guess technically i do, because i'm unemployed, but i wish i had a full time job i could depend on, and then get three days off. :) and way to be both practical and frivolous with your time - yay!

  3. We got one day off...about 16 inches or snow. We had lots of back-breaking fun digging out our cars! I did get to spend some time crafting though!

  4. Awesome pics! I live in Victoria, BC, Canada. And yes, even though it is Canada my little coastal city can not handle snow at all!! Snow days are the best. Stay home and cook/bake up a storm!! And hot cocoa is a must of course!

  5. That looks like fun! We had two days in a row. We sledded, shoveled, watched tv, sewed....but I agree, I need structure!

  6. luckyyyy, we only had one snow day! my hubby's school decided to close preemptively too.. very unusual. but they were making out this storm to be the storm of the century. didn't quite live up to its name (although i haven't seen this much snow in years)

  7. I see you used your days off wisely!!! Looks like a lot of funny business happening at your place! I live in southern AZ, so no snow days, but for sure, COLD DAYS!!!

  8. Sadly, there's no snow in Southern CA, and I really could have used a snow day too. But only two, because I agree that by the third day, I'd be bored out of my mind and jumping on the bed too. Hope you're finding some fun things to do!

  9. That looks like fun. I don't think it's stop snowing here but sadly no snow days.

    Thank you for popping by my blog on my SITS day.