Saturday, February 19, 2011


i love this time of year- watching the season change each day. its getting warmer, the birds are starting to sing and the days are getting longer.  but as much as i love it, it also makes me miss "home".
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they say that smell is the strongest memory trigger, but for me it has always been music. {plus, because of my crazy bad allergies, my sense of smell is horrible} music has the power to instantly take me back to a moment in time. these songs have always been favorites and i love turning my ipod on and feeling like i'm "home", even if it's just for two minutes:

does music hold the same power over you? 
what songs are tied to your favorite memories?

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  1. There are certain songs that bring back such vivid memories for me. They've become the soundtrack for certain times for me. Songs in particular though? That I need to think about.