Friday, February 25, 2011

the head and the heart

occasionally i'll come home to find husband reading on the couch, cuddling with his kitty, listening to good music. i love coming home to find him relaxed and stress-free. i love it even more when he's listening to an amazing new band like the head and the heart
and being a sucker for good harmony, this is my favorite track:

don't you love them?! hubs found them through npr of course, where you can hear more. or better yet, just go buy the whole album! we did. and then spent the rest of the night relaxed and stress-free together. 

 music is such a good thing, isn't it?
who are you loving right now?
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  1. Love them. I started to listen to them for their name and now I can't stop.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  2. Angie--how did you get that song embedded like that in your post???

  3. Loving your blog, and you're so talented! Visiting from SITS--have a great weekend!

  4. wow, they're so fun!! i LOVE discovering new music, so thank you! you gotta love npr. lately i've been listening to "local natives" who we discovered on our local radio station {they live in our neighborhood, actually}. then last night, our friends {who work for the classical radio station here} gave us free tickets to see them tonight at disney hall with the LA phil chamber orchestra!!! we're so incredibly psyched.

  5. LOVE! theyre like a peppy version of andrew byrd combined with a little neutral milk hotel. amazing, thank you! :)

  6. Loving them, going to download them right now. Right now I'm enjoying the new Rufio and Forever the Sickest Kids as well as Pierce the Veil, Sufjan Stevens, and Sun Kil Moon. A random array of new music haha

  7. Ohhh I Like that!!!! I am going through a huge Mumford and Sons kick right now!