Monday, February 21, 2011

handmade giveaway!

i've been stocking up on giveaway goodies and i thought reaching 200 followers would be the perfect excuse to send someone some love!  plus, i like to make things. and i really like to make things for people i like! so here's what's up for grabs:
this {completely handmade} journal:
{filled with handmade paper i upcycled}

 and this little cutie {as promised}:

and last, but not least, a paper bunting banner, like this one.

so, down to the nitty-gritty, to be included in the giveaway you must:
1- be a follower!
2- comment on this post with an interesting fact about yourself {be sure to include your email address and/or blog link!} and that's it!

simple is good, right?!

make sure you enter by sunday night, and i'll announce the winner next monday. good luck and thanks for following along with me :)


  1. What LOVELY things, but what else would I expect from you? Please enter me in this amazing giveaway!

    Fact: I majored in English/Creative Writing, then went to grad school for an MFA in Creative Writing/Poetry . . . and yet I am currently reading (and loving) Snooki's novel.


  2. this is the best giveaway i've seen in a really long time. it's all so cute!!

    so yes, i am definitely a follower. and...
    fact: i am but a wee 5 feet tall. it comes in very handy when i see a cute boy at the grocery store. "um, excuse me big strong sir, can you help me reach something while i bat my pretty eyelashes?"

  3. Fun, fun!

    Fact: I'm totally wasting my M.S. in Chemical Engineering...and I don't care!

    Thank you!

  4. I usually sleep until 8am but today I ran 3 miles, showered and got completely ready, ate, read my Bible, swept and dusted all before 8! I'm crazy, I know.

  5. Of course I am a follower. I love those items and I desire those pennants like nobody's business.

    Fact: I love to floss my teeth. I get downright prancy about tooth flossing time!

    Bonus fact: I usually hate giveaways on blogs and never enter them, but this one is too darling to resist - those pennants are destined to help celebrate my daughter's upcoming 2nd birthday!

  6. Angie, this giveaway is fantastic! You really do make some of the coolest things. Ever.

    Of course I'm a follower. And an interesting fact -- ok, here's a random one: I have three different ways of folding underwear. There's one way for regular undies, another way for lacy things, and a third way for ones that are only to be used under pants for yoga. Totally strange, isn't it?

  7. nothing beats home made! and i always adore your cute creations. CONGRATS on 200!!! of course i've been a follower for awhile :)

    fact: until college, i always went by "mickey" (my family's nickname for me)

  8. that journal is so pretty.

    Fact about me: I really really love Jay-Z. It's weird.

  9. I just became an official follower for a chance to win the adorable owl even though I've been reading your blog for a long time!!!

    Come visit Joanne and me :)

  10. wow this is amazing all those goodies.

    I am a follower of course.

    FACT: I was born 2 months early and weighted only two pounds 15 ounces.

    livejournal user: Jenzee

  11. Fact: I love creamy sweet things, cake, coffee with lots of cream and sugar and bubble tea.

  12. (just seeing if my last comment showed up...I got an error message!)

  13. Interesting fact? I love lots of color and my house may resemble a gypsy's clothing but lucky me has a color blind husband so he doesn't care. :)

    BTW Super cute giveaway!

    kerrieratliff at

  14. Confession: I was creeping your blog, because I just started my own and I am not above swiping your cute ideas.

    Fact: I have a birthmark in the shape of an "L" on my knee. My mom asked the doctor about in once when I was little and he told her to bring me back when it spelled my whole name.

  15. Wow- those things are amazing! I'm always so impressed with people who can create beautiful works of art with their hands. Such talent!

    I found you through my cousin's blog- laureality- and started following you just today! Your blog is great. I have my own too at

    I have a freckle on the back of my left eyeball that only the eye doctor can see.

  16. Hi! I'm a follower <3

    Something about me.. I eat the same things every day. Every. Single. Day. Oatmeal, peanut butter sandwich, chili beans. Oatmeal, peanut butter sandwich, chili beans. Repeat, repeat, repeat. :) It's the only thing in my life I don't have a problem staying on a rutine. (not that it's a strict routine.. it's simply because I like these foods haha) I'd gladly trade it for working out every day. :)

  17. of course I'm a follower!! I love homemade, the notebook is perfect. I love holding & using something that someone else cared about or made. So personal. Your cute little animals make me smile & laugh out loud.

    My husband travels almost every week so when he is gone, I live very messy and then clean house just before I know he's coming home. He's a neat freak & I don't want to be the messy one in our marriage!

  18. Fun Fact: I have eaten live mealworms. The current total is four.

  19. super cute blog and fun stuff to win!
    crossing my fingers.
    i am a new follower

    fun fact about me: i am outnumbered by boys (3 kiddies, 1 hubby, and 1 emotionally needy cat) -- i am such a girl -- put sparkle on anything and i want it (and yet i love being surrounded by the boys much to the surprise of people who assume we must have wanted a girl along the way)

  20. What a lovely giveaway. I love the owl and sweet bunting!
    I am a follower and a little fact about moi: I live far far North up in the Yukon (next to Alaska) and it's REALLY REALLY cold here.

  21. i'm not exactly sure how i missed this! phew, just in time! such cute goodies ♥
    1--i'm a follower (of course!)
    2--i cant smell. i can still taste, but not as well as other people i dont think. for example, coconut has no flavor to me.