Wednesday, January 12, 2011

welcome home. we hate you now...

...would be the note our kitties wrote us when we finally came home from our christmas vacation. how do i know this? i was immediately greeted by this:
 our once cute little christmas tree. destroyed. 

i'm still looking for some missing ornaments.

and a stray evergreen bough or two.

but according to these cutie pies, we deserved it. 
he destroyed the tree:

and this one hid for two days straight and had our kitty-sitters convinced she ran away:
{they look so harmless while they're sleeping}

the good news is they eventually decided to forgive us for leaving. but not before they made it very clear that we are not to do it again. i tried to unpack that night, and as soon as i turned my back...
access denied!


  1. oh my gosh...this is why I love cats! It's so hard to be mad at them! Our cats would have eaten it all after they destroyed it...they eat anything that resembles a string or wire!

  2. oh poor dears! my kitties would have a good long angry screaming session whenever i would come home after a long trip. and once that was out of their system, they demanded good long scratchings. i guess they don't really have much warning when their people go away. i would freak out too. your poor christmas tree! :)

  3. I can relate! Sometimes we leave for a weekend and our kitties' favorite thing to do is find our paper towels and toilet paper to shred through the house.

  4. awww! the life of having fur babies :)

    it's good we love them so much right? i think i've lost two of my most favorite shoes to my pups! (i guess it's mostly my fault for leaving them out... DOH!) at least the ornies look to be in one piece :) when a dog chews.. well that on the other hand... lol

    welcome home! xo

  5. Oh vengeful kitties. Tonks didn't destroy anything, but she sat down next to me shortly after I got home and proceeded to bite my arm every few seconds for about an hour.

  6. oh passive aggressive kitties, naughty, naughty!

    But oh so cute!

  7. Oh my gosh, this was my kitters a few years ago. I would come home and wouldn't be able to find her. When I did? I would realize she was IN the tree long enough to say hey, Ima gonna knock this down now!

    She got fat and that solved the problem I think haha.

  8. Well, the good news is that you were smart enough to not buy or use breakable ornaments. Mine left six piles of vomit for me to clean up upon return (actually, my roommate did the cleaning since she got back a few days earlier than I did). Nothing like kitty greetings, eh? At least you know they REALLY missed you.

  9. Reading Brandi's comment shows me you guys got off fairly lightly. Check under the couch for missing ornaments - and maybe piles of vomit.


  10. this is so funny. I love those pictures of your poor tree! (once-glorious, I'm sure.)

  11. i know what you mean, my little charlie-girl is a beast. she likes to tear everything up! i was working on a crochet doll that had a jacket. over night, she tore the jacket apart. i have no idea how she even got in in the first place!

    btw, the "access denied" made me laugh out loud. :)

  12. Catching up... can you believe I've been away from blog-word for a month and a half now? Anyways - hope you had wonderful holidays, and wanted to let you know that we came home one year and our huge, LIVE, tree, had been brought tumbling down by our cats. Not only were there ornaments and needles everywhere but also water from the tree stand and sap all over the carpet. Good thing I love them dearly! xoxo